Halloween 2014

Happy November, the month of thanks!  I wish I could say I’m unequivocally thankful, but I can’t do that right now.  I think the pending holidays are dragging me down with the knowledge that, for the first time in seven years, Csaba won’t be with us.  I really can’t fathom that and I wish I could just lie down and sleep through it all.  But that would also mean sleeping well into the new year because of Csaba’s birthday in February and the anniversary of darkest day of my life…March 9.  So, next summer would be a good time to awake I guess (obviously though, that can’t happen).

So I pray that God will give me the strength to get through it.

With E and P, I have to move forward.  I have to trudge on and make sure they have great childhood memories and that I NEVER take their presence in my life for granted.  So we did participate in the Halloween dress-up & trick or treating this year, even though I constantly found myself reflecting on last year’s Halloween.  While not ideal circumstances then (Tom had just flown back from his second trip to Latvia and was sick as a dog), I would prefer that an infinitesimal amount over how it all feels now.

Ok, shake it off (thanks Taylor Swift, now I have that song in my head).

Here are pics from this year’s Halloween.  Some were taken a week ago at the Elizabeth “Trick or Treat Street” festivities and the last few were taken last night when we went to an adjoining neighborhood for candy collection.  It was fun and different because, here in the country, it’s impossible for kids to walk miles and miles to each house.  So some good people from our country market got together with folks in the neighborhood and had four hay wagons for kids to ride and stop at various (read: willing) houses.  It was the first time doing this and some valuable lessons were learned:  wear a winter coat, a hat, and gloves; bring a blanket to sit on because that hay is very pokey; and maybe some hot chocolate in a thermos (with a splash of Bailey’s) for the adults would be good.  Next year I’m all over it!  Tom is off hunting this weekend so my friend, her son, and her grand-daughter who live up the street were able to join us (thank you Cindy!).


Good friends.

Good friends.


This is a miniature horse dressed as a witch. Adorable!!  I want.


P asked this “alien” where his spaceship was. I think he was serious.

My Elsa (and yes, I know there were hundreds of them this year)

My Elsa (and yes, I know there were hundreds of them this year).

The Sinclair dinosaur in front of the store was dressed as a horse this year.

The Sinclair dinosaur in front of the store was dressed as a horse.

Hayride time!

Hayride time!

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