Living History Days Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago our family went to an event called “Living History Days”.  It’s put on twice a year and each time a particular battle of the Revolutionary War is re-enacted.  Additionally, there are all sorts of activities for the kids to take part in…like carpentry, blacksmithing, butter churning, and games that children played in those non-technology days.  Everyone working there wore 18th century clothing for full effect and it really helped the kids envision life back then.  It was a great way for Peter to be exposed to U.S. history and, for an added bonus, I could include it for homeschooling hours. :)





“George Washington” and the kids. He let Peter borrow his hat and sword. ;)

Learning the loom.

Learning the loom.


Tom got huge pleasure out of this moment.

Tom got huge pleasure out of this moment…

and this moment.  Actually, we both did. ;)

and this moment. Actually, we both did. ;)


Both kids made life-size muskets out of wood, which was a fun activity for them…and Tom.

They also had an outdoor surgical area where they performed 2 bullet removals on guys who were just in the “battle”.  Peter was convinced that the surgery was real and it was quite comical the argument between me, Tom, and Peter that ensued when he insisted that the blood and surgery was not fake.  We had to enlist the help of someone dressed from that era to diffuse the conflict and reassure Peter that ALL of it was just acting.  Bless Peter.

Overall, this was an incredible experience.  I highly recommend it!


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