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just so you know we are alive!  We have been in our new house for a few weeks now and are slowly settling in.  I plan to write a more detailed post a our new home in the near future, but right now I’ll just post some photographic highlights. :)

View from our garage. We see antelope all the time out here, as well as deer, coyotes and rabbits.

Petunia in her “prison”. Her nose gets her into trouble, so the fence is a necessity.

Since moving out here we have had three different snow storms. A snow blower was a purchase we hadn’t planned on, but it has come in quite handy! Next year we’ll likely upgrade to a small tractor or something.

We have chickens! After MUCH cajoling, Tom talked me into getting 8 hens. And guess who is responsible for cleaning their nasty poopy dwelling? Yeah, I’m so lucky. (Hurry up Spring!)

As far as adoption progress, there is not too much to report.  Our dossier landed in Latvia about 4 weeks ago, and we are now waiting on the Orphan Court to clear J for International adoption (a normal occurrence from what I understand).  Once that is done, our petition will be submitted to the ministry who will then offer us the official referral of J.  Travel dates will soon follow, so I am thinking an April/May travel time for the first trip.  I’m ready, I miss my little boy and he always sounds so sad when we call. :*(