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I know, it’s a couple of days after Easter, but oh well.  I needed to update this lonely blog though, seeing as how I haven’t posted since February! :-\  But not all is ignored, I’ve been spending a lot of time designing a website for my new photography business.  It’s (don’t forget the dash!) if you want to check it out.  I also have a facebook page you can “like”…if you feel so inclined. ;)

Aaaanyway, we had a wonderful Easter.  My parents were able to be out here for the holiday, so it was great to have some family to share it with.  We started the weekend off with a Good Friday service at our church where we sang classic hymns, took communion, and reflected on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  It was full of appropriate solemness and introspection…perfect for what Good Friday is all about.  We then attended an Easter service on Sunday, where the reflection turned to joy in the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.  The service was amazing, I have a snippet to share when, at the end of the service, short testimonies were shown on cardboard.  I’ve seen this done before but it’s always an emotional thing to witness.

After that amazing service we went out to brunch at the Hyatt where we ate ourselves sick and the kids enjoyed Easter festivities.  I put together a collage of the kids in their Easter best…because that’s just what a photographer like me does. :)The top left photo is of C resisting a kiss from E.  I’m also realizing C’s tie was out of whack the whole time…blame Tom. ;)

I think I’ve run out of steam on this whole blogging thing.  I still enjoy it, but I’m not motivated much by it anymore.  Not to mention, time is just barreling by!  Hard to believe tomorrow is already March 1st!  But I had to get at least one post in here for February, and on a leap day no less. :)

I’ve also been working on a (kind-of) secret project.  I am really going to throw my hat into the photography ring this year.  I love it, and I’ve been learning so much.  SO, instead of scouring the help-wanted pages of emaciated job listings, I am going to do my own thing…on my own schedule and on my own terms.  So much thanks goes to my husband for being supportive while I figure it all out…and as I spend money here and there to get it going. :)  I am working on a website so I’ll be sure to post when it is officially “live”.

So, as per the usual, I’ve been taking photos.  We had a snow day last week where C stayed home with E and me, so naturally it was a good excuse to head out and take pictures!

Seriously mom?! We're taking pictures *again*?!


Gorgeous Colorado blue sky (this was NOT edited!)

Puddles, yay.

The kids (for some crazy reason) just weren't enjoying themselves while I took pictures of them sitting in snow without snow pants. Ingrates.

E kept squinting her eyes so I asked her to open them wide for me.  She sure did…

On the way home we found the first sign of spring, which I am so excited about after all the snow we’ve gotten this year.

I also have to stick a photo I took last night in here.  I love how E is becoming such a mommy to her dolls / babies.  She loves to put them to bed before she goes to bed herself, but what I find most amusing is that she will use anything and everything to make up their beds… 

What’s wrong with using a lego box when you run out of blankets?

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from Tom’s parents for the 3-day holiday weekend.  They live up in Great Falls, MT, which is a 12 hour drive away.  As a result, we don’t get to see them a lot, so a visit either here or there is always treasured.

On Saturday Grandpa Al, Tom, and C went shooting at a local range.  I am about to post photos, but don’t think for one second I was AOK with C shooting.  I wasn’t, and wound up getting a little upset after the boys returned home.  But, judging from the following photos, Tom and Al were in control and I think C really enjoyed hanging with the guys and doing something so “grown up”.  Ultimately (since we are a gun-owning family) I think it is good for C to know the power of a weapon and how to use it wisely.

Had to get this one in there of Al wearing a Bronco hat.  Being that he is a Patriots fan, I’m sure this was a last resort to freezing to death (at least that’s his story.  I personally think he’s a closet Bronco fan). ;)

On Sunday, we ventured in to old town Littleton for some lunch and picture-taking.  For Christmas gifts I had offered to take some nice photographs of the Grandparents and Grand-kids with a nice 8×10 printed and framed for them.  It was a lot of fun, albeit a little chilly (Tom was the designated coat-carrier while I shot photos).  Here are some of my faves…

Thanks for the fun visit, Grandma & Grandpa Recke!

This past weekend we went camping with our church life group. There were 17 (or so) families that came out and we literally took over about 1/4 of the campground at Cutty’s resort. This was a GREAT camping experience for us for numerous reasons. We opted to rent and “try out” a pop-up tent camper since tent camping has not been hugely successful for us in the past (verdict: it was awesome. We are now in the market for a used pop-up tent camper if you hear of any good deals). The campground had so much to do, was off the beaten path, and had great views of the Rockies. We also had a wonderful time getting to know other families in our new church. It’s never easy to transition to a new church family, but I really like the people I am meeting there. Everyone is very friendly and out-going, love it!
Oh, and there was barely any rain! The “Recke Curse” is broken!!

the rockies!

A deer Tom admired...a little too much!

On Friday we drove to the Royal Gorge, not too far away from our camp. We chose not to pay the crazy-expensive entry fee (we were just there 2 years ago anyway), and took pictures from scenic overlooks.

Royal Gorge (the bridge really tells you the scale of it!)

The kiddos

I love the juxtaposition of flowers on cacti

The pop-up camper. Oh how I miss it.

Silly kids.

Tom enjoying quality time with the kids.

Unfortunately, with the lack of moisture in Colorado this year, we were unable to have any campfires. Even charcoal grills were banned. So, we all came prepared and used propane stoves for cooking. I also made some meals ahead of time so I could just heat them up with minimal prep. While I missed the gathering around a campfire (and s’mores of course) we managed quite well!

Camp food staples

White bean chicken & bacon chili hit the spot!

S'mores brownies. Who says you need a fire?

One big reason we enjoyed Cutty’s so much was the amount of activity they had for kids. There were indoor and outdoor pools, miniature golf, horseshoe pit, volleyball court, shuffleboard, a playground, and a creek running by our campsite. The bathrooms/showers were very clean too, so other than them ALL being uphill from our campsite, going the bathroom was a non-issue.

C LOVED the miniature golf!

The girls, analyzing the golf course.

...which E still cheated on.

Tom even entered a horseshoe competition, playing for the 1st time ever!

On the last day I took some pics of the kids playing by the creek. I had fun playing with the “manual” setting on my camera for these…

What a fun time. I can’t wait to get back up there and do it all again!

I had a good time taking pictures of the kids last night. I have a new portrait lens that ideally will allow me to rely less on photoshop for covering my inadequacies as a amateur photographer. I’m quickly learning the key to a good photograph is equipment…besides the obvious ability to capture great moments!

Look closely and you'll notice C now has a chipped front tooth. *sigh*