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**2014 update…its kind of fun to see how much my photography has progressed.  These are SO over-processed! :-/

If you only knew how many giveaways I have entered, you would understand my excitement. I’ve tried to win just about anything under the sun (that I wanted of course) when my favorite bloggers out there held giveaways on their blogs. So, you can imagine my surprise when Rita, from The Coffeshop Blog, e-mailed me to say that I actually won something! And that something was $100 to use at Florabella Collection! If you have not visited her site before, she has amazing photographs…most have which have been edited using her photoshop actions and textures. Check her site out when you get a chance!

Anyway, I chose her new “Luxe II”action set to add to my photoshop program. I’m really looking forward to using her actions for future photographs, and played around with it a little today. Here’s some edited pics that I think turned out beautifully (I’d like to point out that I did not put make-up on my kids…it’s in the editing):


Here it is, day 2 of keep-the-kids-home-and-make-mommy-crazy (or KTKHAMMC for short). Yes, due to extreme cold temps here in Colorado (4 degrees currently…at 3pm) schools have decided that it’s best to keep kiddos home and let the parents deal with “I’m soooo borrrrrred!”. As a result, I did something I normally avoid. I pulled out the finger paints. Going further, I also thought it would parlay into a fun photo session (inspired by this French photographer…but please don’t compare techniques).

Lo and behold, we had a blast! I even got the “you’re the best mommy EVER!” comment. Yay for me!  Although, in all fairness, it only lasted until forced nap time came about.  You take what you can get.

Anyway, here’s the result…

This was the beginning when things were relatively “clean”…
and, as all things fun and messy, it escalated quickly.
Good times.