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Being that I have been an avid blog-hopper and I love getting ideas from the “www”, it should be no surprise that Pinterest has become my latest addiction.  It used to be that when I found a craft, recipe, kid’s activity, or anythings else that I wanted to come back to again and again, I had to bookmark it.  I think I had like 200+ bookmarks on my computer.  So hard to manage that.  And THEN, last February I “discovered” Pinterest.  It was, and has been, my best book-mark saver EVER.  You can read about the purpose of it HERE, to save me from having to explain it all.  Essentially it’s a virtual pinboard to pin ideas and projects that you find out there in computer land.  It’s awesome.  And very addicting.  I have over 300 pins attached to 14 different boards and that number increases almost daily (see it HERE).  Like I said, it’s addicting.

Anyway, today I implemented one of those pinned ideas (see, it’s useful!!) to make these for the kids’ lunch:

This is how mine turned out:

Fun right?  Maybe a tad bizarre, but the kids loved them!  Something I never would have thought of, if not for Pinterest! :)