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*This post is part of a read-along of the book “Radical”, by David Platt.  It is being hosted by Marla Taviano if you would like to join in or would just like to follow along.*

For some reason I had a really hard time writing this post in response to reading chapter one of “Radical”. In school terms, this “essay” was due yesterday. I started it numerous times and then erased practically everything I wrote. Finally I walked away thinking I’d just come back to it later when I had some time to reflect. As of right now I still have no idea what will end up here.

I think that it is because God is trying to teach me something. Something I am having trouble wrapping my head around.

I could start with the blame game. I could tell you that my church is SO one of those self-catering churches mentioned in the book.  How everyone seems to have trouble looking past the walls out into the community. How some even have trouble looking outside the sophomoric clicks that I thought I had left behind in high school. Oh how I could rant about all of that! But how productive would that be? I am reading this book to find where God might be leading me…and by extension my family. I am also reading this book because, through various sources, it has been exposed to me rather frequently as of late. I can only assume God is trying to get my attention…not to point out what is lacking in my church, but what is lacking within ME.

Ok, God, I’m listening!

I am guilty of believing that the “American Dream” is the endgame that will bring ultimate happiness. From a young age I bought into the idea that I was entitled to success…if I worked hard and followed the “ADB” (American Dream Blueprint). Trouble is, I did that and it hasn’t brought me happiness. I’m not even content! I am…searching. I need to bring Jesus out of the box I’ve put Him in. I need to REALLY study the gospel and BE the person God intended me to be. Does that mean I need to do something “radical”? Probably, because as David Platt writes, Jesus saying “Follow Me” contains radical implications (p.11).

But I know I will not go it alone.

And I know that if it is God’s will, doors will open and opportunities will arise. I just need to be open to whatever that might be. And then maybe, just maybe, the change in me will be enough to make a change in the people around me…and ultimately whatever church God places me in.

To coin a term from my generation, wouldn’t that just be RAD?! :)


Have you heard of the book “Radical” by David Platt?  It’s part of a church movement called “The Radical Experiment” which essentially challenges Christians to take a hard look at the way we live our lives.  It’s extremely convicting and invigorating at the same time, and it’s definitely not for “Sunday-only Christians” (or maybe it is…who am I to say?!).

Without going much further into it (you can do that on your own), I am excited to be a part of an online read-along of Radical, put on by another blogger, Marla Taviano.  The study starts Sept. 7 and will go over a chapter a week.  I am so excited about this!  I have read the first couple of chapters before and it’s the kind of book that really needs to be discussed and brainstormed about.  Due to kids and other fun aspects of my life (insert sarcasm font here), I never made the time to finish reading.  So now I have motivation!  I am posting this on my blog to invite others to join along in the reading and subsequent discussions.  If you have a heart for missions and (like me) struggle with Matthew 19:21-22, this might be just the study you need!  Oh, and you don’t necessarily need to have a blog to participate. :)