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I know, it’s a couple of days after Easter, but oh well.  I needed to update this lonely blog though, seeing as how I haven’t posted since February! :-\  But not all is ignored, I’ve been spending a lot of time designing a website for my new photography business.  It’s (don’t forget the dash!) if you want to check it out.  I also have a facebook page you can “like”…if you feel so inclined. ;)

Aaaanyway, we had a wonderful Easter.  My parents were able to be out here for the holiday, so it was great to have some family to share it with.  We started the weekend off with a Good Friday service at our church where we sang classic hymns, took communion, and reflected on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  It was full of appropriate solemness and introspection…perfect for what Good Friday is all about.  We then attended an Easter service on Sunday, where the reflection turned to joy in the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.  The service was amazing, I have a snippet to share when, at the end of the service, short testimonies were shown on cardboard.  I’ve seen this done before but it’s always an emotional thing to witness.

After that amazing service we went out to brunch at the Hyatt where we ate ourselves sick and the kids enjoyed Easter festivities.  I put together a collage of the kids in their Easter best…because that’s just what a photographer like me does. :)The top left photo is of C resisting a kiss from E.  I’m also realizing C’s tie was out of whack the whole time…blame Tom. ;)

I love this take on “12 Days if Christmas” by Straight no Chaser. This is a talented group (not to mention I like just about anything a Capella).  Enjoy!


I can’t help but think of my amazing son when I hear this song…


Have you heard of the book “Radical” by David Platt?  It’s part of a church movement called “The Radical Experiment” which essentially challenges Christians to take a hard look at the way we live our lives.  It’s extremely convicting and invigorating at the same time, and it’s definitely not for “Sunday-only Christians” (or maybe it is…who am I to say?!).

Without going much further into it (you can do that on your own), I am excited to be a part of an online read-along of Radical, put on by another blogger, Marla Taviano.  The study starts Sept. 7 and will go over a chapter a week.  I am so excited about this!  I have read the first couple of chapters before and it’s the kind of book that really needs to be discussed and brainstormed about.  Due to kids and other fun aspects of my life (insert sarcasm font here), I never made the time to finish reading.  So now I have motivation!  I am posting this on my blog to invite others to join along in the reading and subsequent discussions.  If you have a heart for missions and (like me) struggle with Matthew 19:21-22, this might be just the study you need!  Oh, and you don’t necessarily need to have a blog to participate. :)